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Industry - HoReCa
Location - Israel/USA
Byde mobile App


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Technology Stack

Flutter - stack technology Malevich company
React - stack technology Malevich company
Nest.js - stack technology Malevich company
Material UI - stack technology Malevich company
Docker Swarm - stack technology Malevich company
Cloudflare - stack technology Malevich company
Traefik - stack technology Malevich company
Bitbucket - stack technology Malevich company
Jenkins - stack technology Malevich company
Portainer - stack technology Malevich company
PostgreSQL - stack technology Malevich company

The Challenge

Create a Mobile App for users where they can create requests in a cafe/restaurant. And a dashboard for administrative catering establishments, in which offers for customers and interaction with customer orders are created
The SolutionThe Solution

A mobile application and a dashboard have been developed to implement the flow of booking tables in cafes/restaurants. The bottom line is that it is not the user who chooses the restaurant and menu, but the restaurants offer the user options. In this way, establishments compete for the guests to spend time with them.
The user's task is to briefly describe the essence of the event, and indicate the number of people and a sample budget. If desired, you can specify the kitchen.



Google-oriented technology guarantees constant developer support and upgrades. Fast Time-to-Market. Easy Integration With the Existing Apps. Native Performance. Customized and Impressive User Interface.


This allows us to design individual components before assembling a page or view, in order to clearly understand the scope and objective.


All components of Material-UI are uniform in terms of design and colors. This approach enables the application developed or the site to look very aesthetically pleasing.
Mobile App Development

The Outcome


The customer receives messages from restaurants with offers and examines them. After selection, the restaurant reserves the table and time.


The сustomer can create several events for the future - birthdays, meetings with friends, romantic meetings and others.


We provide some services that make life easier for restaurants. For example, a restaurant can create presets for different budgets in advance and enable the automatic sending of offers. As soon as there is a request from a user that fits the preset, an offer from the restaurant is sent automatically.