Mobile App for Rental of electric scooters

Mobile Development
Enterprise Software, ERP, CRM
Mobile App for Rental scooters

The client


Industry - Travel and Leisure
Location - Ukraine


Mobile Development
Android App
iOS App
CI/CD - applied a set of measures that allow for faster and cheaper delivery of new features to production

Technology Stack

React - stack technology Malevich company
React Native - stack technology Malevich company
Docker Swarm - stack technology Malevich company
Digital Ocean - stack technology Malevich company
Cloudflare - stack technology Malevich company
Traefik - stack technology Malevich company
Bitbucket - stack technology Malevich company
Jenkins - stack technology Malevich company

The Challenge

To update the existing dashboard and applications according to the technical specifications in a Mobile App. Target audience: people who want to rent a scooter to move around the city.
The SolutionThe Solution

The existing dashboard and applications have been updated according to the technical specifications. The admin panel has received updates, including the addition of new sections and the restructuring of existing ones. Furthermore, the map functionality within the applications has been optimized.



Allows us to design individual components before assembling a page or view, to clearly understand the scope and objective.

React Native

Offers the advantage of cross-platform development, allowing for the creation of mobile applications for both iOS and Android using a single codebase.
Mobile App for Rental scooters

The Outcome


The client has received an optimized admin panel for managing applications. Additionally, the performance of specific modules within the application has been enhanced (for example, clustering of the map data has been implemented, resulting in improved speed). Furthermore, other individual blocks of the application have been added or updated according to the technical specifications (TS)