Mobile applications for fast-order food in various restaurants

Mobile Development
UX/UI Design
FoodApp Mobile applications for fast-order food

The client


Industry - HoReCa
Location - Moldova
Mobile applications for fast-order food in various restaurants


Cross Platform App
UX/UI Design
CI/CD - applied a set of measures that allow for faster and cheaper delivery of new features to production.

Stack technology

Google Map API - stack technology Malevich company
Node.js - stack technology Malevich company
PostgreSQL - stack technology Malevich company
GraphQL - stack technology Malevich company
React Native - stack technology Malevich company
Docker Swarm - stack technology Malevich company
Traefik - stack technology Malevich company
Cloudflare - stack technology Malevich company
Grafana - stack technology Malevich company
Sentry - stack technology Malevich company

The Challenge

To develop mobile applications for fast-order food in various restaurants. The app's interface should combine functionality for the user and restaurant owners.
The SolutionThe Solution

The application includes three main components: the home page, the meal page, and the restaurant page. It provides features for business owners and consumers. The home page shows a list of popular dishes, nearby restaurants, and food categories. And also a filter by restaurants or dishes. One important feature is authorization via mobile phone. The Meals page contains detailed information about the dish and its ingredients. Here, the user can read the comments or leave the comments on their own (only if he's already ordered this dish). The user can clarify the details of his order in the chat. Data storage in the application. Not all app data is stored locally. It is stored on the server.


React Native and NativeBase

We used this technology for the development application.


Content delivery network which helps to load site fast anywhere in the world.


We used the WebSocket protocol for correspondence in the chat.

Docker Swarm/Traefik

A modern container approach in the organization of the server infrastructure, allows you to easily add various services, scale the load, and also increase the system's resilience.


Installed a tracker of errors that happen to users.
FoodApp Mobile applications for fast-order food

The Outcome


For consumers

A fast and easy way to order food.Perfect for people that are not willing to pay for their time.


For restaurant owners

Business growth due to new clients.


Enhanced retention of representatives from both audiences

The faster and more convenient the way a restaurant, coffee shop or other place orders food, the more loyal customers are to their brand.