Online kid's toy store with a huge variety of toys available

UX/UI Design
Web Development
Toyexpress Website for E-commerce

The client

Toyexpress, a children's toy online shop
Industry - E-commerce
Location - Ukraine
Toyexpress Website for E-commerce


Corporate identity
Online stores
UX/UI Design
Product and service catalog design
CI/CD - applied a set of measures that allow for faster and cheaper delivery of new features to production

Technology Stack

GraphQL - stack technology Malevich company
Next.js - stack technology Malevich company
Bitbucket - stack technology Malevich company
Docker Swarm - stack technology Malevich company
Cloudflare - stack technology Malevich company
Sentry - stack technology Malevich company
Grafana - stack technology Malevich company
Jenkins - stack technology Malevich company
Material UI - stack technology Malevich company
Traefik - stack technology Malevich company
React - stack technology Malevich company

The Challenge

To develop identics for children's toys selling company.
Fully update the website to match modern UX/UI design trends.
To develop a mobile version of the site, as user-friendly as possible.
To create a flexible and convenient product catalog that includes many item numbers.
The SolutionThe Solution

We analyzed the online store's target audience and previous customer interaction experience with the site - this became the basis for our decision to overhaul the whole interface design. The main feature of the brand new interface design is the Mobile First principle. The majority of customers visited the website using mobile devices, so we focused on developing mobile versions.


Material UI

A set of ready-made elements for quickly creating an interface for the web


Is a React-based framework that allows building web applications with improved performance and user experience utilizing advanced pre-rendering features such as full server-side rendering (SSR) and static page generation (SSG).

Docker Swarm/Traefik

A modern container approach in the organization of the server infrastructure, allows you to easily add various services, scale the load, and also increase the system's resilience.


Is an open-source query and data manipulation language for APIs and a runtime environment to respond to queries based on existing data.


Content delivery network which helps to load sites fast anywhere in the world.


Installed a tracker of errors that happen to users.


Connected a monitoring system for monitoring work indicators with critical alerts via SMS and Email.


Server and interface for working with the GIT version control system, allows you to do Code Review, Control code versions, and organize code collaboration, and is part of CI/CD Jenkins is a tool for automating some stages in the software development process, a key tool for CI/CD.

The Outcome


User-friendly interface. We have developed a website that is a highly effective sales tool. Product page contains descriptions and all the necessary information about the product, so wish to place an order doesn't depend on the consultant.


We provided the customer with the functionality to manage their shopping. Made custom filters by gender, age, etc. We have also implemented wishlist and personal account features.


We have developed blocks for promotional products sale, i.e. featured products.


Contact information is easy to find, as well as payment and delivery methods.


We developed an identical for the company, which includes: logo, fonts, and corporate colors.