Mobile App for Beauty Services

Mobile Development
Mobile App for Beauty Services

The client

Vroda Space

Industry - Consumer Service
Location - Ukraine
Vroda Mobile App for Beauty Services


Android App
iOS App
CI/CD - applied a set of measures that allow for faster and cheaper delivery of new features to production

Technology Stack

Flutter - stack technology Malevich company
Nest.js - stack technology Malevich company
PostgreSQL - stack technology Malevich company
Docker Swarm - stack technology Malevich company
Cloudflare - stack technology Malevich company
Traefik - stack technology Malevich company
Bitbucket - stack technology Malevich company
Jenkins - stack technology Malevich company

The Challenge

To create a Mobile Application that meets the provided layouts and technical specifications
The SolutionThe Solution

A Mobile Application for posting beauty service ads and booking them online has been finished. In the application, the user can register in one of the available roles: client/master or Beauty Company. A client is a person who simply uses services, and books them through the application. 
Master/beauty business - post information about their services, and have a rating (based on customer ratings after receiving services) and feedback history. Through the application, the client can find the necessary service/master/salon and book a visit there using a special convenient calendar. There is also an integrated chat with the master/salon for communication on various issues.



Google-oriented technology guarantees constant developer support and upgrades. Fast Time-to-Market. Easy Integration With the Existing Apps. Native Performance. Customized and Impressive User Interface.


An excellent framework for building robust Node.js APIs. It is based on excellent modular architecture. It integrates perfectly with TypeScript, enabling it to write powerful, scalable, secure, and maintainable applications.


It is an advanced, enterprise-class, and open-source relational database system. Supports advanced data types and performance optimization features, which are only available in expensive commercial databases.
Vroda Mobile App for Beauty Services

The Outcome


A convenient and functional Application for attracting customers. Our client will be able to make a profit by incorporating paid options in the next iterations.