Mobile App Development

We will develop a mobile application and mobile software with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. We deliver your project to the palm of every prospective customer, with high-quality UI solutions.


iOS App

iOS users are ready to pay for trends and unique solutions, bugs in the application are not allowed (for example, automatic change of the dark theme if the user has selected it on their device or the correct display on the iPad). The OS update covers the majority of users (about 70% update immediately after the release of a new version), so it must be taken into account. Our experience and expertise in this area allows us to do everything as best as possible. 

Android App

Android App is the most common platform in the world. During development, we take into account the optimization of the interface for all types of displays - from small touch screens to 4k touchscreens.

Cross Platform App

Cross Platform App – allows you to create a program based on a single code base. We use Flutter and React Native to develop cross-platform solutions. Flutter has its own high-performance rendering engine that ensures the quick delivery of expressive designs. React Native is one of the most widespread open-source building tools, to create user interfaces that feel native to any OS.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Hybrid Mobile Applications - allows you to create a program based on a common code base. We create such applications using standard web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML5.

Our approach to Mobile App development

Custom development of the application from scratch for the specific tasks of your business. A quality product targeted specifically at your audience. Contains only modules that solve user problems.
Well thought out architecture and uncluttered code. Therefore, the app consumes less resources for smartphones. 

In the application architecture, we put a safety margin that stands up to peak loads and has no limits for the scale.
All data is reliably protected by encryption technologies.
A mobile application that can be integrated into any ecosystem.
Thoughtful product structure, analyzed user paths, visualized in a modern application interface design, according to UX/UI trends.

Stack technology we use in Mobile Appdevelopment

React Native - stack technology Malevich company
Chakra UI - stack technology Malevich company
Expo - stack technology Malevich company
JavaScript - stack technology Malevich company
Material UI - stack technology Malevich company
GraphQL - stack technology Malevich company
Flutter - stack technology Malevich company
WebSocket - stack technology Malevich company
Google Map API - stack technology Malevich company
WebRTC - stack technology Malevich company

A team works on each project

Quality assurance
Project managers
Team Lead

Malevich infrastructure

Demo Server
Continuous Integration 
Logging system
Continuous Development
Tracking systems (at the client's request)
Encrypted protocol (HTTPS)

It works like this


We build long-term relationships with all clients and develop your business project by project.

Gathering information
The sales manager gets to know the client and the project. Asks a number of questions for a better understanding of the problem facing the developers and the search for an effective implementation solution. Receives technical tasks and other materials (if available) from the client. At this stage, we determine the approximate scope of work.
Briefing with the client
Before the briefing, we prepare a list of questions that will help us implement the client's tasks as best as possible. The client, in turn, openly talks about his business and tasks to the developers. Formulates the goal that our team will achieve. Preliminary terms of cooperation - budget, terms are discussed. Responsible sales manager, if necessary, we include a development expert.
Presentation of a commercial offer
We form it individually for each project. We document all the issues discussed in the previous stages in a written presentation and demonstrate it to the client using a Gantt chart (currently in the works, the MVP version is almost ready).
The agreement, contract signing
We formalize all preliminary agreements in a contract.
Formation of the project team
At this stage, the Sales manager introduces the client to the Project manager, whose job is to make sure we always deliver the best possible work on time and on budget. We also choose a convenient channel of communication with the client. All questions related to the advancement of development, priorities, deadlines and problem-solving are promptly resolved by the Project manager.
The development process is controlled by the Project manager. The client will have access to project tasks in Jira (a project management platform). We post all intermediate results on the demo server and the client can immediately test his project. In addition, we use a Code Review process, which allows us to do our work with the highest quality.
Continuous testing
Testing takes place at every single stage throughout the entire project development process. This helps to quickly identify problems before they can escalate.
Deployment of the project
After project deployment, we will check all certificates for relevance. We will set up a stable operation of the project and automatic updates.
Technical support
All our clients receive a guarantee for the company's services. If within 14 days after the deployment of the project, the client has technical issues, we promptly resolve them.