Guide to building a Mobile App


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Сomprehensive guide to building a Mobile App

Building a successful Mobile App can be an exciting yet challenging task for entrepreneurs. If you have an idea that objectively has a chance of implementation, you should consider all aspects. 

Research and conceptualization

We will analyze the market and competitors. We will find out whether there are similar solutions on the market, and whether there is a demand for your application idea.
Let's create a detailed description of your application. Let's define its target audience, main functions, and advantages that it will provide to users. We will develop a prototype that will demonstrate the interface and functionality of your application.

Platform and technologies

At this stage, we will decide which platform (iOS, Android, or both) we will develop the application. It depends on your target audience and the resources you have. If the application is for both platforms, choose cross-platform frameworks such as React Native or Flutter.

Development and testing

At this stage, we start developing the functionality of your mobile application. For this, we use cross-platform frameworks such as React Native or Flutter.

Architecture. Why is this important?
A well-chosen architecture is critical to building stable programs without major inconsistencies because it defines how parts of the code interact with each other.


The program should have a solid foundation for building new features and changes according to business needs. It should also be suitable for future updates (eg new libraries, operating systems) in programming technology.


A good architecture simplifies code for both writing and reading. The result is a low maintenance cost.

Guide to building a Mobile App

After choosing a platform, it is important to focus on the user interface (UI) design of your Mobile App. Good design is a key element of success because it affects the user experience and how they interact with the App. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Flat or Material Design? We will choose the one that best suits your application and target audience.
  • Let's create sketches to visualize the placement of elements and the general structure of the application.
  • For design development, we use special tools, Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD.
  • Be sure to take into account the wishes of the color palette, fonts, icons, and other elements that will help an easy-to-understand design.

At Malevich, we help our clients build mobile applications that connect them with their customers at a deeper level. Creating a successful mobile app is a process that takes time, effort and research. We take full responsibility for all stages. Your involvement is our experience and you will get the best solution on the market.

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